Sleep Innovations Taylor Memory Foam Gel Mattress Review

Sleep Innovations Taylor is memory foam gel 12-Inch mattress produced by the mattress company. People who usually sleep hot at night should buy this bed. Most bed companies have been putting gel mattresses into the market and Sleep Innovations follow this trend after some years so it finally released their foam gel mattress.

The mattress promotes comfortable sleeping temperature and due to the addition of mid airflow layer and gel top. The mattress is harder than standard foam bed which is the common characteristic of most gel foam.

This stiff bed is manufactured in the US and it is good for back pain and excellent movement transfer which are the advantages of memory foam mattress. Most side sleepers have no problem with it.

Why Get a Memory Foam Mattress?

Making products that satisfy most customers is the goal of all manufacturers and brands. Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress is more of firm side though the company declare that the memory foam gel mattress is medium firm. It seems the model follows the firm reputation of the classic model, the SureTemp foam mattress. The new Taylor model is firmer than typical memory foam since it uses top layer made of gel foam. This is exactly the same as how most owner reviews their Taylor mattress.

Sleep Innovation Taylor

This Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress is perfect for those who don’t expect cradling feeling from the mattress. If you are looking for mattress that can hold two persons more than 500 pounds, it is best you find something else. It may be too thin for memory foam layer on this mattress to hold sleepers with such weight. You should find something in 14 inch or higher that could provide more cradling comfort for them.

Sleep Innovations Taylor Coolness

  • The only model in the lineup using gel foam is this Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress.
  • This mattress updates the old models that sleep hot in summer and hold on to body heat though they come with SureTemp technology in the bed. Not all people receive the benefit from SureTemp.
  • The sleeping hot problem is solved by this gel twirl model.
  • Many owners experienced that this gel foam can maintain a comfortable heat on the bed and works better than SureTemp.

Sleep Innovations Taylor Off-Gassing Issue

Sleep Innovations Taylor DensityThought a competition is tough in the category, mattresses from Sleep Innovations do not pass the CertiPUR test – check this and visit Sleep Innovations review. This leads to off-gassing issues that are complained by some customers when using this Gel 12-Inch memory foam. People who are sensitive would not like it.

Before using the mattress, you are suggested to read Sleep Innovations Taylor manual for off-gassing the mattress for a few days. Following the manufacturer’s instruction before using any product is the best way to avoid issues later on.

If you concern whether an item is imported or US made, All Sleep Innovations mattresses are manufactured in the US and have passed any quality standard of American.

There are brands manufactured their mattresses in the US including this one so choose this Sleep Innovations Taylor mattress if you prefer buying items made in US.