Choosing a Cellulite Remedy

Are you looking for a cellulite remedy? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of women suffer from this problem, which is characterized by its dimpled appearance. You may have heard cellulite described as having a cottage cheese or orange peel appearance. This is because cellulite occurs when fat gets stored in pockets underneath honeycomb shaped fibrous connective tissue called septae. The fat expands around the septae and pokes through the holes, causing the dimpling. The most common areas for cellulite are the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Cellulite RemedyBecause the exact causes of cellulite are not known, the exact cures are also not known. However, there are a wide variety of theorized caused and cures. For example, some experts think cellulite is caused by things like age, genetics, hormones, weight, toxins and circulatory problems. Any one of these things, or a combination of them, could be the cause of your cellulite. There are also plenty of supposed remedies for the problem. Some people think that cosmetic surgery such as liposuction can remove cellulite. Others swear by cellulite reducing creams and wraps.

It’s important to understand that lipo cannot remove cellulite and may even make it look worse. In addition, it is painful and expensive. Cellulite creams may temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by removing excess water weight or thickening the skin to conceal the dimpled fat. However, they are not going to be able to permanently remove the cellulite from the body. As far as body wraps are concerned, they’re another temporary fix. These wraps compress the fat and help the body eliminate water weight, which may offer short term improvement. Some day spas also offer massages that are designed to stimulate the circulation, flush away toxins and reduce the look of cellulite. Many experts think that the most effective way to treat cellulite is with exercise.

Exercise has many benefits for the body and mind. It helps to burn fat, improves blood flow and releases endorphins. When combined with targeted strength training, cardiovascular activity can help flush away cellulite and reduce its appearance. You may want to combine exercise with another cellulite remedy like one of the creams or wraps. Another option is a procedure called Endermologie, which can temporarily smooth the skin with a combination of suction and pressure. When used in conjunction with an effective exercise plan, it may help decrease the appearance of cellulite over time.